Empire Headquarters



Built in 2015, the ten-building complex is located on the east side of Springvale with access to the 104 highway to maximize traffic management. Designed for flexibility, economy, and adaptability, the state-of-the-art campus features bountiful trees and nature to provide a productive workplace while maintaining an environmentally friendly atmosphere. 

In 2017, renovations took place which included parking expansions as well as a 5,000 sqft. warehouse which introduced storage and logistic capabilities on-property. Building 7 is the most recent development which includes a Coffee House restaurant, along with a basketball court behind it. The X Store is another convenient addition that features a two floor computer retail store in the rear of building 8.


Empire Company Offices

All Empire company brands have their central offices at this campus to maximize communication and efficiency. If you're looking to visit a division of Empire, please follow the map below as a reference guide. Buildings 3, 5, 8, and 9 all house these offices. When visiting Empire, please note that security is enforced 24/7 and unauthorized persons are subject to prosecution. All visitors must sign in through Building 1, Administration.


Interested in Visiting Empire?

While we're not publicly open for tours, please feel free to contact our Director of Public Relations via. the form on our home page to schedule for a private tour.

If you're looking to host an event at Empire, our Event Center (located in building 4) includes over 2,000 sqft. of usable space. Contact the Event manager through the home page to get more details.

Empire Corporate Headquarters

1 Empire Way, Springvale, Los Manita 90280


Empire Tower

While we still plan to use the Empire Campus for many years to come, there are plans in action to construct a 12 million dollar office tower in Palm Springs to move all of our central operations into. This would allow us to be in a more prime location to make relations at Empire even easier! More information on this will be coming soon.  

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